About CPR Spine


The aim of the Centre is to identify personalised management approaches for spinal pain taking into consideration the multidimensional nature of spinal pain.

The Centre of Precision Rehabilitation for Spinal Pain (CPR Spine) was established early 2017 following the receipt of funding from the Dynamic Investment Fund, University of Birmingham. These funds were partially used to transform space within the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences to create the new Centre which now hosts state-of-the-art facilities for physical and psychophysical testing of people with spinal pain. CPR Spine is the first Centre in the United Kingdom dedicated specifically to spinal pain research.

CPR Spine consists of a multi-disciplinary team with a common aim of identifying patient-specific interventions for people with spinal pain, overcoming the common “one size fits all” approach to treatment which usually falls short of success. Our research incorporates comprehensive investigations of people with spinal pain, taking into consideration the multidimensional nature of their pain, to inform targeted interventions and novel strategies tailored to the individual person.

A large focus of this work is on the development, evaluation and implementation of exercise approaches for managing spinal pain with the aim of relieving pain, restoring function and improving quality of life. This aim in accordance with the School’s mission to address one of the key challenges facing contemporary societies; increasing the quantity and quality of engagement in physical activity to enhance personal health and wellbeing.

We have established a new MRes research programme focussed on spinal pain which builds on the existing success of our international market-leading MSc Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy programme. CPR Spine has established a Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) group and we host regular events for the public to share our research findings and obtain input to shape the design of our future studies. We welcome all members of the public with spinal pain to join our PPI group and the Spinal Pain Register; a database of individuals with spinal pain who are interested in being involved in our research.

CPR Spine provides a platform for companies ensuring the rapid translation of research and technologies into commercial products for clinical practice. The CPR Spine platform features high-end technology for human motor outcome evaluation, offering an excellent opportunity to test or validate innovative rehabilitation approaches.


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