Close up of Prostate Cancer CellsAdUP: A Phase I Clinical Trial of a replication defective type 5 adenovirus vector expressing nitroreductase and GMCSF (AdNRGM) given via trans-perineal, template-guided, intra-prostatic injection, followed by intravenous CB1954, in patients with locally relapsed Prostate Cancer.

Trial Overview and Summary

The main purpose of this trial is to determine safety of a gene therapy strategy for the treatment of locally relapsed prostate cancer.

The therapy is based on the injection into the prostate of a viral vector (AdNRGM) carrying a gene called GMCSF which is able to induce a strong immune response against the prostate cancer, and a gene called NTR which is able to convert an inactive ‘pro-drug’ called CB1954 to a powerful anti-cancer drug.

Two days after the injection of the viral vector, the prodrug CB1954 will be administered intravenously. It is expected that the combination of the two drugs acting within the cancer will result in the death of a significant number of cancer cells.

Chief Investigator: Dr Prashant Patel
Sponsor: University of Birmingham
Funders: Medical Research Council, Department of Health & Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre Network
Disease Site: Locally Relapsed Prostate
Trial Type: Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medical Product
Status: Follow Up
UKCRN Study ID: (if applicable) 13599
Open to new sites? No
Recruitment start date: March 2013
Recruitment end date August 2019
CRCTU Trial Management Team: Early Drug Development Team
Trial E-mail Address:

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