Environmental Sciences research

We focus on major environmental science challenges such as air pollution, organic pollutants, climate change and extreme weather events

  • Environmental Health Sciences

    Environmental Health Sciences addresses the duality of human impacts on our planet with the effects of pollution and climate change on environmental and human wellbeing. Our philosophy is that a healthy planet is essential for healthy humans.

  • Tackling Toxicity

    Combining our expertise in daphnia biology and multi-omics, we have established significant research to tackle global pollution, predictive toxicology, chemical safety and advanced materials, and protecting environmental and human health.

  • Facilities

    Our research is supported by excellent facilities for molecular measurements, including state-of-the-art ‘omics technologies, advanced nanomaterials characterisation, our Daphnia, air pollution monitoring, ECOlab facilities and more.

  • Water Sciences

    A supradisciplinary research base that uses cutting-edge approaches to address key water challenges in a changing world.

  • BIFoR

    BIFoR aims to provide fundamental science, social science and cultural research of direct relevance to global forested landscapes.

  • Microplastics

    We are seeking to better understand the mechanisms by which plastics are transported through our rivers to the oceans, and the effects of such plastics on the affected ecosystems.

Our researchers