Bulk sample analysis

The University of Birmingham provides world class research and facilities in Mass Spectrometry. With state of the art equipment and technician support, we can provide a unique service across multiple fields with many of our facilities available to the general public.

We focus on the following analytical capabilities in bulk materials:

  • D13C and d18O in Carbonates (sample weights from about 60 ug),
  • D2H and d18O in water (minimum sample volume 200 ul)
  • D13C, d15N in solid organic and inorganic compounds

Additional techniques may be available, please contact us to discuss.

Peripherals include:

  • An Elementar Pyrocube Elemental Analyser for d18O and d2H in liquids, d13C, d18O, d15N, d2H in solid samples using pyrolysis or combustion techniques at temperatures up to 1500°C.
  • An Isoprime Multiflow preparation line for the head-space determination of d13C and d18O in carbonates, d18O of water (equilibration) and d13C of dissolved inorganic carbon in water.
  • Eurovector Environmental Analyser with liquid autosampler for the low temperature pyrolysis of waters and DH determination.

For further details on any of these applications or to discuss possible collaborative research or consultancy please email Dr Matt O’Callaghan (Research Officer).