Mobile health research facilities

The Health Research Bus provides the opportunity to take research directly into those communities that would not usually participate in clinical studies.

Health research busThe facility was funded by the Birmingham Science City initiative and consists of a medical trailer with a slide-out pod. It has designated areas including:

  • Consultation room for patient interviews 
  • Procedure room where minor procedures such as biopsies may take place or blood samples can be taken 
  • Reception area 
  • Sample processing room where clinical samples can be processed eg. centrifugation 
  • Scanner room that can be used for bone density and body composition analysis

In addition it is equipped with IT facilities for data input, fridge freezer for temporary sample storage, as well as emergency medical equipment including resuscitation equipment.

Related projects

The facility is suited to many different types of clinical study including research that involves health promotion, intervention, education and screening. The facility is also ideal for questionnaire and interview-based medical research as the consultation rooms protect patient confidentiality.

Contact: Claire Potter. Tel: 0121 414 8262. Email: