Centre for Formulation Engineering

We are developing solutions to problems facing the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, fast moving consumer goods and speciality products sectors.

Research areas and groups

  • Bioprocess engineering

    Close-up of an eye

    Living cells are used to produce a range of products. The large-scale manufacture of these products requires the engineering of specialist biotechnological processes.

  • Food Microstructure, Nutrition and Safety

    Cheese and milk on a wooden block

    Foods should be safe, optimised for health benefits, and enjoyable to prepare and eat. Yet, a number of these criteria are conflicting.

  • Product Microstructure Engineering

    Product microstructure image

    From fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) to agrochemicals, the performance of formulated products is often dictated by physicochemical phenomena and structural responses taking place at the micro (or even the nano-) scale.

  • Particle and Multiphase Process

    Water bubbles against a blue background

    Sales of formulated liquid products by UK companies amount to £180bn per annum to the UK economy. These products are often multiphase, containing particles, drops or bubbles which critically affect how the products appear and perform.