What is Formulation Engineering?

At the Centre for Formulation Engineering we are developing solutions to problems facing industries in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, fast moving consumer goods and speciality products sectors. This is vital to many issues affecting our quality of life; such as better economical processes to reduce the environmental burden, and longer lasting food due to the right combination of chemistry, ingredients and processes.

What is formulation engineering?

Formulation Engineering concerns the design, manufacture and use of products which are structured to create desirable effects when they are consumed or used. Examples are foods, pharmaceuticals, fast-moving consumer goods such as cleaners, and speciality products such as paints, catalysts, detergents and agrochemicals.

At the Centre for Formulation Engineering, our research focuses on the principles which control the quality of many personal products such as cosmetics and detergents, foods such as chocolate and low-fat spreads, as well as fuel cells and catalysts. These products are all structured on a micro-scale - their microstructure controls their behaviour, for example, the texture of food as it breaks down in the mouth, the release of detergent or a drug as a tablet breaks down in the washing machine or in the stomach.

At the Centre for Formulation Engineering, we specialise in:

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