Process measurement and control for formulation

EngD (2019-2023) sponsored by EPSRC and Johnson Matthey 

Unbeknown to most a new industrial revolution is coming creating a path which will allow for rapid process improvement through many means, from the use of smart devices to big data analytics, this is Industry 4.0. This revolution will all lead towards better efficiency, better product control and a more valuable process.

However, to make Industry 4.0 a reality, better on-line measurement techniques must be developed in order to better characterise fluid properties without having to take a sample for analysis which wastes valuable time and money. This project (2019-2023) will aim to deliver new novel means of characterising fluid properties that will be critical to the final product formulation and performance.

Two previous EngD students (2011–2015 and 2015–2019) have successfully demonstrated the feasibility of several advanced measurement approaches for formulated process characterisation this project aims to continue the development and design of the advanced measurement and control process techniques. This project is academically supervised by Dr Alberini and run in conjunction between University of Birmingham and Johnson Matthey.