About Us 

An inter-disciplinary centre of excellence in teaching, development, research and thinking in health and social care leadership.

The Centre for Health and Social Care Leadership brings together academics from the College of Social Sciences and the College of Medical and Dental Sciences at the University of Birmingham to address current and future leadership challenges facing health and social care. The Centre combines high quality research, meaningful engagement with people and communities, and insights from health and social care professionals and managers to improve leadership practice in the UK and internationally.

The Centre is led by two Co-Directors, Professor Judith Smith and Professor Robin Miller. The Centre will have significant involvement from other relevant Schools and Departments across the University and will report directly to the College of Social Sciences (CoSS) and the Medical and Dental Sciences (MDS) College Boards. 

Watch our videos to learn more about the Centre from co-directors Professor Judith Smith and Professor Robin as they explore the purpose of the Centre and the role it will play in future teaching and research. 

Professor Judith Smith explains what the Centre for Health and Social Care Leadership is
Professor Robin Miller discusses the four leadership themes within the Centre - organisational, patient, systems and clinical

 The governance structure of the Centre is as follows; 

  • A Centre Executive Group is co-chaired by the co-directors of the Centre and meets bi-monthly. 
  • An Operations Group to support the Centre Executive, which will meet monthly.
  • An External Advisory Board providing critical challenge and support to the Centre, led by co-chairs, one from the health service and one from social care, which will meet twice a year.
  • A Community Advisory Board comprising patients, service users, carers, and other community representatives will be embedded as a core part of the Centre’s governance, which will meet quarterly.