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The Healthcare Technologies Institute are striving to advance new technologies and treatments that encourage better tissue healing and rehabilitation tools. We are seeking to recruit interdisciplinary research staff and students of outstanding quality across all areas of research conducted within our Institute.

Current job vacancies

Anniversary Chair - University of Birmingham - 102904

Closing date: Our recruitment will remain open until 2025, with the deadline for the first phase of applications being 30 January 2024.

In 2025, we will celebrate 125 years of University status by Royal Charter. One of the ways we are celebrating this important milestone is by making a significant investment in our research and appointing 25 new Anniversary Chairs.

As a leader in your field, with a track record of exemplary research, this permanent appointment will offer you sustained and strategic focus on advancing your research. 

We’re looking for diverse talent from across the world to help us make new discoveries and tackle global challenges. You will work with the brightest minds at the forefront of different subject areas to tackle the most pressing global challenges, and the opportunity to be mentored and supported by senior leaders at the University and beyond, and to collaborate with our strong networks of partners.

You will be critical in driving the excellence of our research to make an even greater difference to the world around us. Join us as we celebrate our 125th anniversary, and be part of our ambitious, exciting future. 

Our inclusive and intellectually challenging education programmes are underpinned by cutting-edge knowledge and taught by leading researchers to encourage independent thinking and develop the next generation of leaders, innovators and problem-solvers.  In this role you will contribute to teaching and learning, and management and administration. 

Postgraduate Opportunities

PhD position: Assessing the impact of sterilisation on the usability of medical plastic waste

Department of Chemical Engineering, Supervisor: Dr Anita Ghag, Co-supervisors: Andrew Dove &  Joan Geoghegan

Funding & Eligibility: Directly funded / UK & EU students only

The burden of medical plastic waste has become an increasingly pressing concern in recent years. The healthcare industry relies heavily on single-use plastic items due to their convenience and hygiene factors, but this has led to a significant environmental problem. Improper disposal and inadequate recycling of medical plastics contribute to pollution, ecosystem degradation, and potential harm to human health. This PhD project aims to address this burden via a multifaceted approach.

As a PhD candidate, you will be part of a collaborative effort to explore the critical intersections of sterilisation methods, plastic properties, and robotic selection. The project aims to address the challenges associated with ensuring the sterility and usability of medical testing plastics, while also assessing the effect of repeated sterilisation on plastic properties.

Informal enquiries should be directed to Dr Anita Ghag.

PhD: Glycan sensing technology for early and accurate cancer diagnosis

Department of Chemical Engineering, Supervisor: Professor Paula Mendes (The Mendes group)

Funding & Eligibility: Self-funded / Students world-wide

The project will focus on developing advanced glycan sensing technology for detecting a broad range of glycans with high affinity and specificity in complex biological samples. The project involves an unprecedented combination of principles and methods of polymer chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, synthetic molecular recognition, and nanochemistry. The project will have a transformative impact on the early detection of different cancers, including prostate cancer.

Informal enquiries can be directed to Professor Paula M Mendes.

Biomedical Innovation MSc/Diploma/Certificate (1 year, full-time) 

Application deadline: The deadline for international students (including EU) to apply is 7 May 2024. The deadline for UK students is 30 August 2024.

Delivered by the Centre for Systems Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine (SMQB), the MSc Biomedical Innovation programme brings together talented students from a variety of backgrounds to focus on innovating new technologies that advance human health. Embedded within an exciting ecosystem spanning academia, hospitals and medical technology (MedTech) industry, we develop innovators and entrepreneurs who have a real impact on society.

Building on key strengths in data science, engineering, healthcare technologies, mathematical modelling and medicine, training is provided to students in identifying unmet medical needs, inventing new solutions and implementing them in healthcare environments. This programme is designed to enable participants to understand the needs of the healthcare sector and play an active role in the innovation of new health technologies to address these needs. Students develop the necessary skillset and benefit from training and mentorship to enable the innovation and adoption of new intelligent solutions. The programme is ideally suited for prospective careers in the MedTech and biotechnology sectors, healthcare, and business innovation for individuals with undergraduate experience in engineering and physical sciences, biomedical and clinical sciences and/or business and management.

Outreach opportunities

The School of Chemical Engineering is dedicated to raising awareness of chemical engineering amongst young people by working closely with schools, colleges, teachers and career advisors.

Visit the Chemical Engineering outreach page for more information.

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