Relationality, Identity and Migration

Throughout history, both emigration and immigration have shaped European societies and states. To understand how individuals identify with communities, societies, and states, IGES scholars look beyond the nation state to examine European communities as interlinked, transnational networks.

Strand speaker: Maren Rohe

Affiliated IGES scholars

Dr Charlotte Galpin is a Senior Lecturer in German and European Politics. Her research is concerned with European identities, EU citizenship, Euroscepticism and the European public sphere.

Prof Sara Jones is Professor in the Department of Modern Languages. Her current research analyses the political, social and cultural processes of remembering state socialist dictatorship.

Dr Maria Roca Lizarazu is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the Department of Modern Languages within LCAHM, specialising in contemporary German-language literatures of (post-)migration, German Jewish literature and culture, Holocaust literatures, and Memory studies.

Dr Maren Rohe is a post-doctoral Research Fellow in the project ‘Post-Socialist Britain: Memory, Representation and Political Identity amongst German and Polish Immigrants in the UK.’

Dr Tara Talwar Windsor is a cultural and literary historian of modern Germany and Europe, currently working as Research Fellow on the project ‘Knowing the Secret Police: Secrecy and Knowledge in East German Society’.

Current projects

Post-Socialist Britain: Memory, Representation and Political Identity amongst German and Polish Immigrants in the UK, Arts and Humanities Research Council, 2021-2024 (Principal Investigator Sara Jones, Co-Investigator Charlotte Galpin, Research Fellow Maren Rohe)

Dis-/integration: Reimagining Togetherness in Recent German-Language Literature, Leverhulme Trust, 2018-2021 (Leverhulme Early-Career Fellow Maria Roca Lizarazu)

Recent publications (selection)

Tara Talwar Windsor, “Extended Arm of Reich Foreign Policy”? Literary Internationalism, Cultural Diplomacy and the First German PEN Club in the Weimar Republic. Contemporary European History (2021): 1-17.

Maria Roca Lizarazu, ‘Irreconcilable Differences: The Politics of Bad Feelings in Contemporary German Jewish Culture.’ In Politics and Culture in Germany and Austria Today, eds. Frauke Matthes, Dora Osborne, Katya Krylova, and Myrto Aspioti (Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2021): 75-96.

Sara Jones, Centrala and Jakub Ceglarz, In-between spaces: Inclusion and representation of Central and Eastern European (CEE) artists in the UK creative economy, 2021.

Sara Jones, Memory relations: cross-border collaboration between mnemonic actors in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, and the MENA region, Revue d'études comparatives Est-Ouest, 51:2-3 (2020): 225-259.

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