Clinical Immunology

Pipette dripping liquid into a test tubeWe are unique in having a clinical immunology service embedded within an academic environment. This creates an ideal interface between basic, translational and clinical research groups, the NHS, and the pharmaceutical and biodiagnostics industries.

Alex RichterTheme Lead

Professor Alex Richter

Senior lecturer and Consultant in Clinical Immunology

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About our research

The Clinical Immunology Service (CIS) laboratory provides UKAS ISO 15189 accredited laboratory diagnostics, clinical advice and patient management for immunodeficiency, autoimmunity and inflammation, allergy and cancers of the immune system. It receives more than 100,000 blood, marrow, urine and other samples per year and reports more than 500,000 tests. It provides services to more than 100 NHS Trusts across the UK, charging on a cost per test basis, and also has income from grants and commercial organisations.

Aims of our research

The priority of the CIS is the provision of a high standard of patient care and of research to develop our understanding of clinical immunology in the context of health and in the management of disease and the service underpins clinical practice and research in immunodeficiency autoimmunity and inflammation, allergy and cancers of the immune system.

Our staff

Clinical Immunology Principal Investigators
Principal InvestigatorResearch Interest
Professor Alex Richter Emerging field of secondary immunodeficiency.
Professor Mark Drayson Investigation of drug redeployment strategies as a route for development of novel therapies.
Professor Sylvie Freeman Predicting treatment resistance in acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplasia principally by monitoring residual disease (MRD).