Membership application to join the BactiVac Network

We want you to join our community. To do so we need to capture some key information about you in order to create our Members’ Directory and facilitate future collaborations within our community. We have made efforts to try and keep this form as simple as possible. Feel free to copy and paste existing links or information from your own research/staff profile pages. We think the form should take 10 minutes to complete, but we do not have a ‘save as you go’ functionality.

If you would prefer to complete your application in a Word document format, you can download the form.
Completed forms should be e-mailed to

  • Personal details
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  • Research interests and expertise
  • Keywords
    Please tick one or more that are relevant to you. These keywords will be used to create a directory of members’ interests and thus facilitate future collaborations between our members.
  • 1. Vaccinology
  • 2. Immunology
  • 3. Other
  • Biography
  • Confirmation
    By clicking 'submit' you agree that your application is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge and also that you consent to the details of your application being shared with the University of Birmingham, the Medical Research Council and BactiVac membership. You also agree to the BactiVac Terms and Conditions of Membership including collection, storage and use of your personal data and always to act in accordance with them.
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