Revolutionising energy production

Our work with 'super-materials' ensures the maintenance, efficiency and optimisation of materials that can withstand extreme temperatures. This enables power stations and engines used for transport to function at higher temperatures, increasing their efficiency.

Gas turbines provide the power for many applications including aircraft, ships and electricity generation. Over the next ten years the University will work to develop materials required to improve the efficiency and environmental sustainability of these gas turbines.

Our experts work within this field to test, monitor and implement the processes required to create these ‘super-materials’, working with industry partners to lead the next generation of materials that will fuel our future and revolutionise energy production. Our work with industry includes a long relationship with Rolls-Royce via the University Technology Partnership (UTP).

Our collaborative team of researchers work across the University and with external companies to ensure that our means of electricity generation is maintained, prolonged and improved for the future.