Environmental pollutants

Environmental pollutantsBirmingham addresses a range of research issues requiring the application of chemical and physical principles to the study of environmental processes. Ultimately, such processes are relevant to environmental change and human health. Our main research areas are pollution, climate and atmosphere and environmental nanoscience.

Our researchers are investigating the effects of man-made pollutants and manufacturing processes on the environment and eco-system and, ultimately, look to provide alternative solutions to our contemporary demand.

This important research identifies the risks of new, threatening pollutants to the environment and we aim to provide innovative solutions to tackling these issues.

There is much current concern over the release of manufactured nanoparticles- those which have been deliberately produced by human activity- into the environment. Within the environmental nanoscience research area we have made major advances in analysing, recording and producing data on nanoparticles in the environment, with policy input to Defra in this important area.

Research on air pollution processes spans from studies of emissions, through atmospheric transformations to effects on human health. The main thrust of research is in the field of airborne matter and one of our particular strengths is expertise in urban air quality studies, including both atmospheric chemistry and physics. With the topic of climate change high on the governmental agenda, our work is integral to finding causes and solutions to ozone depletion.

We work with industry leaders to aid and advise policy, identifying new threats to the environment to ensure we are able to maintain and preserve our planet for future generations.