Birmingham Policy Commission II

The Policy Commission on ‘Nuclear Energy: What Does the Future Hold?’ was the second in a series of Commissions established by the University of Birmingham.

Launched with a debate at the Liberal Democrats Party Conference in September 2011, this forward looking Commission evaluated the role of nuclear power generation beyond the present horizon, exploring technical, environmental, political, sociological and economic factors.

The Commission, chaired by Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, examined:

  • the arguments for and against nuclear power as a future energy generating technology
  • the role that nuclear energy will have in twenty to thirty years time and what technology is required
  • the factors that determine the economic viability of nuclear energy
  • what drives public opinion on nuclear energy and whether public understanding of the energy sector needs to be enhanced
  • the extent to which the research base in the United Kingdom is sufficient to support current and future nuclear generation technologies

The Commission published its findings and policy recommendations in July 2012.

Learn more about this Policy Commission here.