Jurisprudence and applied theory

Vanity and Modesty by Bernardino Luini (Italian painter), published 1878This theme encompasses colleagues concerned with philosophy of law, and the application of theory to a wide range of subjects.

Colleagues are diverse in disciplinary orientation, and many are interdisciplinary. The theme encompasses legal institutions, legal philosophy, constitutional theory, ethics, feminist legal theory, Marxism and the application of theory to development, identity, colonialism, corporations and commerce. The journal Jurisprudence was founded by Professor Sean Coyle and research is published here and in journals such as Oxford Journal of Legal Studies; Journal of Medical Law and Ethics; Journal of Human Rights and the Environment; and Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence.

In addition to our school-wide Research Seminar Series, researchers and post-graduate students can get involved with this theme through the Forum for the Study of Natural Law and the Jurisprudence Research Group. The Jurisprudence and Applied Theory theme forms a subject stream in our annual research conference.

Theme lead

  • Gavin Byrne - comparative legal philosophy, applied philosophy



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