Law, technology, ethics

A vintage casette in a stylised fashion with rainbow colours coming out of itThis sub-theme can be very broadly described in terms of ‘Critical investigation of emerging technologies, ethics and society, broadly understood including the governance of emerging technologies in liberal democratic political orders.

Broad and varied in disciplinary orientation, with interdisciplinary integration particularly welcome, including legal institutions, legal philosophy, constitutional theory, applied ethics (including professional ethics, AI ethics, machine ethics, robot ethics, bioethics),  regulatory governance studies, public administration, socio-legal studies, science & technology studies, human-computer interaction, risk governance studies and organisational management’

Theme lead

  • Karen Yeung - governance of computational technologies 


  • Sylvie Delacroix  - ethics, technologies, theory
  • Sophie Boyron - use of technologies in the context of legal dispute resolution
  • Robert Lee - environmental technologies at the interface of law and science
  • Maureen Mapp - regulating distributed ledger technologies and other emergent technologies in Africa
  • Julian Lonbay -  legal tech in professional legal practice and training
  • Kate Bedford - regulation of gambling technologies including player tracking technologies 
  • Muireann Quigley - medicine, ethics, & (bio)technology  
  • Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade - law, regulation and governance of emerging technology

Our researchers talk about their work:

Algorithmic accountability - Karen Yeung
Robert Lee