Eugenia Lancellotta

Eugenia is a PhD student in Philosophy of Psychology at the University of Birmingham whose research interests focus primarily on delusions, conceptions of adaptiveness and wellbeing. 


PhD research

Are delusions adaptive? The case of OCD

This thesis aims to explore the psychological adaptiveness of delusions in OCD. In general, Eugenia considers a phenomenon to be psychologically adaptive if it promotes the wellbeing or good psychological functioning of the organism it belongs to. Eugenia investigates wellbeing in both its hedonistic and eudaimonic sense. In the hedonistic sense, wellbeing equates to a subjective feeling about how well one’s life is going, while in the eudaimonic sense, things such as agency, social functioning and the meaningfulness of one’s life are also taken into account. For an overview on the adaptiveness of delusions, see Lancellotta & Bortolotti 2019.


Professor Lisa Bortolotti

Professor Matthew Broome

Dr Anna Lavis


Before joining the University of Birmingham, Eugenia obtained an MA in Philosophy from King's College London. Prior to this Eugenia studied at the University of Turin (Italy) obtaining  BA and MA in Classics.