John Hick

John Hick (1922–2012) was one of the most influential British philosophers of religion in the 20th century. He taught at the University of Birmingham as H. G. Wood Professor of Theology from 1967 through 1982 and supervised many PhD students who are now renowned scholars, such as William Lane Craig and Paul Badham.

After retiring as the Danforth Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Claremont Graduate University in California in 1992, he returned to Birmingham, where he lived until his death. Along with Ninian Smart (1927–2001), who also taught at Birmingham, Hick was a pioneer of the global approach to the philosophy of religion.

Hick bequeathed his professional archives to the Cadbury Research Library Special Collections at the University of Birmingham. We were able to study the archives with the financial support of the Hick family and the Spalding Trust. The outcome of the study was published by Thomas William Ruston in The Expository Times


John Hick answers questions about the possibility of life after death for the American documentary series Closer to Truth.
John Hick delivers a speech at a degree congregation in 2011 upon being awarded an honorary doctorate.

David Cheetham gives an introduction to John Hick’s work for the St John’s Timeline Project.