Quantum clocks and radar

Compact quantum clocks will provide oscillators for high-end radar systems, and will have an advantage over existing oscillator technology in reducing signal noise, enabling radar to detect small, slow moving objects such as drones at longer distances and in more cluttered environments. Once prices drop and size and weight is reduced, radar for autonomous vehicles can be implemented.

SatellitesThe high precision timing of the atomic clocks with also enable the formation of next generation distributed radar systems which will transform surveillance with greater coverage and enabling the detection of stealth objects.  The quantum clock enabled network distributed radars will be a game changer for wide area surveillance in both defence and civil applications with the ability to maintain real time situational awareness in highly congested and cluttered environments.


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To read more about how quantum-enabled radar will impact communications, defence and other sectors, please visit the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing website.