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How can we stay safe from hackers in the era of ‘smart products’?

From convenience to safety, smart technologies bring innumerable benefits to users. However, in the rush to bring these futuristic products to market, companies are at risk of introducing security flaws that provide opportunities for hackers.

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reconstruction of the dinosaur

How is technology accelerating the discovery of new dinosaur species?

For all of the innovation and advances in technology, the field of palaeontology is still rooted in traditional methods of discovery - be that rummaging through museum collections or through field work. Imaging technologies, however, are helping researchers analyse and interpret specimens, revolutionising the field.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

How can we decide who plays the hero?

From Bond to the Bard, a strategic research partnership between the Birmingham and Waseda is supporting researchers in shifting thinking around the legends of stage and screen.


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