Graphic representation of the people with cups of tea, books and pensThe SMQB leads the delivery of the MSc in Biomedical Innovation. The programme lead is Dr Atif Shahzad, Assistant Professor of Medical Technologies.

The MSc Biomedical Innovation programme brings together talented students from a variety of backgrounds to focus on innovating new technologies that advance human health. Embedded within an exciting ecosystem spanning academia, hospitals and medical technology (MedTech) industry, we develop innovators and entrepreneurs who have a real impact on society.

Building on our key strengths in data science, engineering, healthcare technologies, mathematical modelling and medicine, training is provided to students in identifying unmet medical needs, inventing new solutions and implementing them in healthcare environments. This programme is designed to enable participants to understand the needs of the healthcare sector and play an active role in the innovation of new health technologies to address these needs. Students develop the necessary skillset and benefit from training and mentorship to enable the innovation and adoption of new intelligent solutions. The programme is ideally suited for prospective careers in the MedTech and biotechnology sectors, healthcare, and business innovation for individuals with undergraduate experience in engineering and physical sciences, biomedical and clinical sciences and/or business and management.

MSc Biomedical Innovation

Applications are open for September 2024, find out more on the course page