Carlette Norwood Ritter: Sociologist, Post-Graduate Researcher, Advocate for racial equality for Black women

A qualitative comparative study that examines the similarities and differences in the experiences of racism and racial trauma among Black American women and Black British women.

Carlette RitterSupervisors: Jason Schaub and Jerry Tew

Specifically, my research explores how racism, racial trauma and racial battle fatigue affect the mental and physical health of black women in America and Britain.


  • MSA, Organisational Development, Trinity University, Washington, D.C. USA
  • BA, Human Relations, Trinity University, Washington, D.C. USA
  • Minor, African American Studies, Trinity University, Washington, D.C. USA 

Research Interests

  • Microaggression Theory (with a special interest in microinvalidation)
  • Historical Trauma Theory
  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Racial Trauma
  • Racial Battle Fatigue
  • PTSD as it relates to racial trauma


Prior to moving to the UK, I worked as an adjunct professor of Sociology and Psychology at a community college in the United States.

Additionally, I have an eclectic and diverse corporate background in the fields of travel, tourism, and hospitality, with previous roles in executive meetings/events, conference management supervision, and conference planning.

Career goals include obtaining a role in academia or consultancy work in the areas of diversity and inclusion, race relations, anti-racism initiatives, anti-racism social policies in government, education, charities, corporate, or private sector organisations; providing training, lecture, workshops, and spearheading interviews, focus groups and research for the benefit and empowerment of Black women

Professional Membership

SRHE (Society for Research in Higher Education) London

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