Food and drink

Birmingham’s diversity is demonstrated in our culinary landscape, catering for every taste in food from all corners of the globe. From the popular chains you would expect in a major city, to unique and independent restaurants, there really is something here for everyone. 

Here are just a few of the places that our students love:

  • “The Physician in Edgbaston does the best roast around!”- Harvey, from Bridgend, Modern Languages 
  • “Jekyll and Hyde - it’s great for food and cocktails!” – Amber, from Pershore, English
  • “Tapas Revolution in Grand Central. I honestly feel like I end up in here every time I pop into town, but I can’t help it - everything on the menu is so good!” – Molly, from Leicester, English
  • “I absolutely love Temple Row - so many good restaurants - but my favourite is probably Opheem, amazing Indian food.” – Rumali, from Poole, Political Science and International Relations 
  • “Original Patty Men near Moor Street! Cool location and brill burgers!” – Carter, from Manchester, Mechanical Engineering

Street Food

Digbeth Dining Club: You can find Digbeth Dining Club behind Bird’s old Custard Factory, now a creative hotspot for the city. Here you can try amazing tastes from different vendors every week, all of which provide delicious local food. And there's no need to choose a favourite - you can always have a bit of everything!

Molly, from Leicester, English

“Digbeth Dining Club is arguably the best place to get a taste of Birmingham’s independent food scene. It runs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays each week and there’s usually a rotation of different traders, with a couple who are there for the whole month. The food here is definitely worth making a special journey for, you’re almost guaranteed something amazing and there’s tonnes of choice so it’s great for groups.”


Throughout the year, Birmingham hosts a wide variety of food and drink festivals - keep up to date with them all and don’t miss your chance to try something new.

Balti Triangle

As the birthplace of the Balti we are famous for our curries, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of amazing curry houses in the city. If you think your taste buds can take it, explore our Balti Triangle with some of the best and oldest curry houses in Britain. 


We also have a thriving Chinatown, right in the centre of the city. From sit-down meals and takeaways to all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets, no matter what style of Chinese food you’re craving, you’ll find plenty of options in Chinatown. There are also some of Birmingham’s nightlife hotspots in Chinatown – perfect if you want to dance off your dinner.

Independent Restaurants

These are the culinary delights that make Birmingham, ‘Birmingham’. From mouth-watering burger vans, to delicious vegan restaurants, there’s so much choice if you want to support local and independent retailers in the city. Check out Independent Birmingham for some of the best recommendations about which independent restaurant to try next, and discover the city one hidden gem at a time.

Fancy feasting

We know it’s not for every day, and doesn’t quite fit with a typical student budget, but for special occasions there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Birmingham has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any UK city outside of London. One of our Michelin-star restaurants, Adams, was actually ranked in the top ten best restaurants in the entire world by Traveller’s Choice. Birmingham has a wide variety of restaurants, pubs and bars scattered across the city centre and nearby suburbs, from popular chains to independent cocktail bars. Visit us and we know you'll love it here.