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There are lots of things to think about when putting together a university application. If you're considering the University of Birmingham, we’ve collected advice from our Admissions Tutors and students to help you to complete a great application.


The UCAS process

Year 12

01 October - Pathways to Birmingham opens for applications.

February to June - UCAS fairs and talks in schools from universities.

June onwards - University of Birmingham pre-application open days commence.

Summer holidays - complete relevant work experience and begin to plan your personal statement, including doing some extra reading around the subject you wish to study.


Year 13


UCAS Undergraduate Apply opens for applicants.


Universities will begin to make decisions on your application. You can monitor your application through UCAS Track and you will receive an email when a university has made a decision.

15 October - Deadline for UCAS applications for Medicine, Dentistry and Vetinary courses, or to study at Oxford or Cambridge.

November to April

Some courses will interview or audition students as part of the application process. If you are applying for courses with a large creative element, you may be asked to provide portfolios of your work.

January to April

15 January - deadline for applications to be guaranteed for equal considertion.

Access to Birmingham applications close on this date too.

Once you have heard back from all universities, you are then required to make your final two choices on UCAS Track. Your specific deadline for making your decision will depend on when you received all your offers.

(A firm choice is your first choice, with an insurance choice as your backup, typically with lower entry requirements than your firm choice)

February to May

Applications for Student Finance open. You do not need to wait until you have received offers from the universities to apply for tuition fees and maintenance loans.

31 May - deadline to apply for first year accommodation for UK and EU students to guarantee a place at either Birmingham owned or Partner accommodation.*

*This deadline is now 31 July for 2020 entry.


31 July - deadline to apply for first year accommodation for international students to guarantee a place at either Birmingham owned or Partner accommodation.


You will receive your results, determining whether you've gained a place at university. On results day, Clearing opens through UCAS for students to find a place at university if they didn't receive any offers, declined any offers they did receive, didn't meet the conditions of their offers, or applied after 30 June.

Adjustment is also available for students who may be thinking about looking for an alternative course or university as they received better grades than expected.

September or October

Your university experience begins!


Advice from Birmingham students