The 93% Club Birmingham

93% ClubThe 93% Club was initially founded by Sophie Pender at the University of Bristol and has now expanded to many other universities, including York, Durham, UCL and Cambridge. We are excited to announce that The 93% Club is now officially a society at University of Birmingham!

Did you know that 93% of the UK population is state school educated? Yet 50% of doctors and 74% of judges are private school educated. Our society aims to level the playing field by providing you with workshops, events and opportunities exclusively for state-school educated students.

The 93% Club Birmingham will provide inclusive access to wider opportunities including CV advice, skills workshops and networking events, to inspire students to overcome the societal barriers that could restrain your progress and prevent your entry into top professions. We believe that it should be the talent of an individual that results in them achieving a job offer, rather than their social status and background.

Join us if you want to be part of a community that will assist you in reaching your goals, empower you and help build your confidence, regardless of your background or degree subject. Whether you are an aspiring doctor, engineer, scientist, banker, carer, lawyer, teacher, or anything else for that matter; The 93% Club will be here to support you on your journey!

To join The 93% Club simply join our Facebook Group or email us on Follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn to keep up to date with any opportunities and workshops we are holding!

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