CivSoc logoCivSoc is a society run by students, for students. We aim to bring together all years of Civil Engineering by providing social events, industrial activities and offering the chance for you to represent CivSoc in a variety of sports.  We also promote graduate jobs and placement opportunities from a range of companies we work closely with. We strive to offer a huge variety of events and are always keen to listen to what our members want.

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EPS Societies' Awards won

  • Circles of Influence Endeavour Award 2014, Joanna Maguire
  • Volunteer of the Year 2015, Joel Evans
  • Industrial Award 2016, James O'Neill
  • EPS Community Award 2017, for the Engineering Spring Ball with EESE Soc and MechSoc
  • Sports Personality of the Year 2020, Karlo Olalla
  • Role Model of the Year 2021, Rohan Hornsby

sports personality certificate

EPS Societies' Awards 2021 - Role Model of the Year certificate

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