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Plastic-Free UOB is a student-led society focusing on – you guessed it…plastic. We’ve only been set up since autumn 2019 so we’re very new and still learning!

Our main aim is to spread awareness about the dangers of single-use plastic in our environment. We’re also working to reduce single-use plastic on the University’s campus in a variety of ways and are building relationships with senior members of staff to achieve this.

We also run regular litter picks and canal cleans (the most recent made it to local TV news!), and hold speaker sessions with experts offering advice on how we can all lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Get involved too on our Zero-Waste Marketplace: HAZAAR (formally Bepop). Our dedicated Facebook group allows you to buy and sell anything with students across the University. By cutting out postage with in-person selling, we are reducing wasteful packaging and travel miles. Keep an eye out for the App too, which we hope to launch after Christmas.

We’re always looking for new members! Find us on social media with @plasticfreeuob on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or email us on

Join the plastic-free movement!

EPS Societies' Awards won:

  • Head of College Idea of the Year 2020, for Bepop and forming the society


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Plastic-Free's 2021 round-up

Plastic-Free UoB Society logo

This year we introduced Sustainable Swaps! Our tried and tested, honest reviews of plastic-free alternatives to introduce into your daily life. Plus more litter picks, talks and activities. Cameron tells us more.

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