Global Engineering Brigades

Global Engineering Brigades society logoGlobal Engineering Brigades are part of the non-profit organisation Global Brigades. You may have heard of the Medical Global Brigades who part are of the same organisation. We’re part of an international movement of university students that partner with community leaders to design and engineer clean water systems in the developing world.

We are the new Birmingham Chapter!

Our aim is to empower communities in Honduras to resolve global health and economic disparities through the use of a holistic and collaborative mode. We ensure that we're not only building water systems but teaching local people how to maintain them so they have safe and sustainable water. In the summer, we’ll fly out to Honduras and get to work. It will be no easy feat. 

We need you!

You could transform lives by working with us. Join our brand new society and become part of a movement to help overcome health and economic issues facing communities right now. Use your skills as an engineer, a practical thinker, in planning or communication and join us now. 

Join our Facebook Group today or email us To learn more about Global Engineering Brigades in general check out

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