UBRacingUBRacing is the University's Formula Student team and a founding partner of the international IMechE competition. This hugely successful project enables students to gain hands-on experience of a real life-engineering task by designing, building and racing a single-seater car from scratch each year. Unlike many other university teams, Birmingham encourages students from all years and all disciplines to take part, no matter what you’re studying.

Not only do we build the car, but we build sponsorship relationships, work with local schools and take part in national exhibitions. Therefore your progression through the team is vital to becoming a well-rounded team player with great skills to add to your CV!

For the 2020/21 season UBRacing has merged with UBeRacing and now plan on jointly building two cars: a combustion powered car and an electric car. UBRacing formed more than 20 years ago, and UBeRacing began with the introduction of an electric branch to the competition just a couple of years ago. Together we’ll make a brilliant team!

There will be plenty to do so if you interested please join our Facebook group and fill out the form on our website! You can also find us on LinkedIn or follow @UBRacing on Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions about what we do please email us at ubracing@gmail.com.

EPS Societies' Awards won:

  • Role Model of the Year 2014, James Hatherell
  • Role Model of the Year 2015, Joseph Moorhouse
  • Outreach Award 2016
  • Role Model of the Year 2016, Francesca Cardilli
  • Great Achievement in EPS Award 2016, Daisy Partlow
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2017, Carl Hingley
  • Industrial Award Continued Excellence 2019
  • Industrial Award Continued Excellence 2020

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