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brum ecoAs the world transitions to an environmentally-conscious future of efficient and innovative design, Brum Eco Racing will help you develop critical skills to help drive this cause. As the University of Birmingham’s entry to the Shell Eco Marathon Competition, the Brum Eco Racing team’s goal is to develop a car that can travel the furthest distance while consuming the least amount of fuel. The ultimate goal is a car that can achieve a fuel efficiency of 1,000 mpg, so why not come along for the ride?

We’re looking for new members of any year group and any discipline, the only requirement is enthusiasm and commitment!

We're looking for enthusiastic new members from any year group and any discipline. To find out more and to join the team visit our Facebook page, follow brumecoracing on Instagram and Twitter, join us on LinkedIn or email

EPS Societies' Awards won:

  • Inspirational Committee Member 2019, Annabel Brown

Brum Eco Racing 2019

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