The Birmingham PhD process

Considering and applying for a PhD can seem like a daunting experience and you may have questions over where to start and what you need to do at each stage. 

If you intend to apply to a PhD which is not advertised with funding, you can expect to follow our six step process below:

  1. Choose which research degree: ‭PhD, MA/MSc by Research, or MRes?‭
  2. Consider the research area and themes‭
  3. Begin your supervisor search‭
  4. Consult with a potential supervisor ‭or department‭
  5. Write your research proposal‭
  6. Make a formal application

What should you include in your proposal?

  • ‭Research topic‭
  • Review of the literature‭
  • Research objectives‭
  • Research strategy‭
  • Anticipated results‭
  • Schedule and budget‭
  • References or bibliography

If you are applying to the College of Arts and Law, follow specific guidance on writing a research proposal for programmes within this College.