CDT Management

The management of the CDT is performed via five principal teams within its structure, each responsible for delivering different aspects of the strategic and operational management of the CDT.

These teams are: the Director Team, the Operations Team, the Student Panel, the Supervisor Team, and the Industry Advisory Panel 

CDT Governance structure

The Board of Directors steers the activity of the CDT and reviews its progress quarterly. The decisions of the board are made with consideration to the Feedback from the Industrial Advisory Board and the Student Panel.

The Industrial Advisory Board reviews the CDT research portfolio and educational programme to insure graduates have the necessary training required by the industry.

The Student Panel allows student feedback and suggestions to flow from the body of students to the Board of Directors and influence the CDT operations.

The Operations Team is responsible for the day to day activity of the centre and works to achieve the strategic goals of the CDT and to coordinate the activity of the CDT across the 5 universities.

The Supervisory Team generates research project ideas to be considered by the Board of Directors and supervises the research progress of CDT students.