Industrial partnerships

Industrial Advisory Board for the Fuel Cells and their Fuels CDT

The Industrial Advisory Board provides invaluable direction on the educational and training content of the CDT from an industry perspective. It is an aim of the CDT that its students emerge with a highly developed understanding of current work, practices and thinking within the energy industry. The board takes an active role in collaborating on new research opportunities and ensuring the CDT remains on top of current industry focus in hydrogen, fuel cell and related energy markets.

Members of the CDT Industrial Advisory Board

Becoming an Industrial Partner

We believe we have devised a scheme that will make the interaction between the students, the academics and the industrial partners even stronger.  We are also mindful of the fact that companies want to engage with the CDT at differing levels and we would like to ensure the mutual benefit of the industrial partner, the academic institution and the student. 

We are always looking for new collaboration. To find out more about getting involved or partnering with the CDT, please contact:
Mr John C Hooper MBA,
CDT Programme Officer,
Tel: +44 (0) 121 414 5275

Feedback and ideas for the CDT are invited and always welcomed. The CDT thanks its partners for their ongoing support.