Ruchi Gupta Group

Optical Biosensors

Our research is focused on developing point-of-use and wearable optical biosensors to measure biochemical markers for timely and accurate diagnosis of diseases, which is a first step towards offering right treatment at the right time. The information collected by these sensors can also be used to create feedback loops for fully optimised treatments tailored towards individual patients. We are also developing point-of-use sensors for food security and water monitoring.

We design optical sensors that are internally referenced with integrated sample preparation to address the challenges associated with measurement of molecules of interest in “real” samples, which are complex mixtures.

Our research is highly interdisciplinary combining physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering to develop novel sensing principles, mesoporous hydrogels that can be (photo)patterned/ functionalised, solution processing methods for nanostructure fabrication and associated instrumentation.

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