About CPR Spine


The aim of the Centre is to identify personalised management approaches for spinal pain taking into consideration the multidimensional nature of spinal pain.

CPR Spine was established at the University of Birmingham in 2016 following a ~£1M investment awarded to Professor Falla and Dr Rushton.  

CPR Spine includes a research facility with state of the art facilities including systems for human movement analysis, quantitative sensory testing, electromyography, elastography, ultrasonography and electroencephalography.

A new Masters degree in Spinal Pain will provide students with research and project management skills focused to spinal pain. The combination of flexible learning, taught modules and the research thesis makes this a stimulating programme which gives students skills, awareness and the intellectual discipline required to carry out rigorous, effective, patient centered research into spinal pain and rehabilitation.

CPR-Spine innovation policy aims to sustain effective science-industry linkages to facilitate technology transfer from basic science and applied research, to the commercialization and production of innovative devices, processes and services.

CPR Spine provides a platform for companies ensuring the rapid translation of research and technologies into commercial products for clinical practice. The CPR Spine platform features high-end technology for human motor outcome evaluation, offering an excellent opportunity to test or validate innovative rehabilitation approaches.