Our laboratory is equipped with the latest facilities. These are summarised below.

Anechoic chambers from UHF to mm-wave

We have two anechoic chambers capable of antenna pattern measurements, as well as free-space scattering measurements, from approximately 1 GHZ up to 67 GHzVector Network Analysers from 10 MHz to 325 GHz, soon to be extended to 1100 GHz

Vector Network Analysers from 10 MHz to 325 GHz, soon to be extended to 1100 GHz

This specialised equipment characterises RF to THz components such as amplifiers, mixers, antennas and duplexers, which will be the building blocks for THz communications systems, remote sensing systems, radars, imaging systems and medical diagnostic systems. The THz frequency range presents an opportunity for new levels of system performance (in terms of data rates, resolution and miniaturisation) resulting from wide absolute bandwidths and sub-mm wavelengths.

The equipment enhances our leadership in automotive radar and in the development of THz devices for future communications technologies. Birmingham is the only academic institution in the country with scattering parameter measurement equipment from 10 MHz to 1.1 THz in a single flexibly reconfigurable installation capable of free space measurements. The THz measurement facility is fully supported through a manager and a part-time administrator and is a national facility available to UK academia and industry alike.

Workstations supporting electromagnetic simulation packages

We have four high-end Xeon workstations. These are used to support electromagnetic simulations using industry leading simulation packages such as CST Studio Suite and AWR Design Environment.