Our people

Head of the Antennas and Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory (AAEL)

Professor Constantinou's research interests include: Electromagnetics; antennas and propagation; electrically small antennas; terahertz antennas; wireless body area networks; metasurface waveguides; and terahertz propagation and scattering.

Academic staff

Professor Gardner's research interests include: active, passive and reconfigurable antennas; UHF to THz; electrically small antennas; high efficiency power amplifiers; and linearisers.

Professor Feresidis' research interests include: electromagnetic Metamaterials; antennas; microwave / mm-wave and Terahertz circuits and systems; computational electromagnetics; imaging and sensing. For more information, please visit the Metamaterials Engineering Laboratory web page.

Dr Hanham's research interests include: integrated mm-wave and terahertz antennas and antenna arrays; metamaterials; plasmonics; dielectric resonators; computational electromagnetics; and applications of microwave and terahertz sensing.