Workshop Archives 2014

Dinesh29th January - Education In A Global Setting: The Needs of the 21st Century

Workshop leader: Professor Dinesh Singh


IAS Suite 1

5th February - DIAD: Opportunities from a New Synchrotron X-Ray Beamline

Workshop leaders: Dr Alison Davenport, Dr Owen Addison, Dr Ivan Sansom, and Professor Liam Grover


Aston-Webb12th March - Global Migration Governance after the High Level Dialogue

Workshop leader: Professor Crepeau


IAS Suite 2

13th March - Hybridity: Exploring power, social structures, and institutions beyond the liberal west

Workshop leaders: Dr Rosa Freedman and Dr Nicolas Lemay-Hébert  


IAS Suite 418th March - Ken Loach's 'Save the Children Fund Film'

Workshop leaders: Professor Matthew Hilton and Juliano Fiori


Sidki lecture26th March - Higher Education in Brazil: Evolution and Challenges

Workshop leader: Professor Sidki 


Evans-Picture1-424x30031st March - 'The Kingdom of God is Always but Coming': Justice and the Legacy of the Social Gospel in North America

Workshop leader: Professor Christopher Evans


IAS Suite 51st April - Biophilic Cities

Workshop leaders: Dr William Bird, Professor Timothy Beatley, Professor Jean V. McHale, and Professor Miles Tight


Amb.-Gomez-Pickering7th April - Ambassador Diego Gomez Pickering: Transforming Mexico

Workshop leader: Diego Gómez Pickering


Evers PL9th April - Building from the Bottom: How is Social Innovation transforming Social Policy?

Workshop leader: Professor Evers


Sir Mike Gregory16th April - Re-building manufacturing – New Dogs, Old Tricks!

Workshop leader: Professor Sir Mike Gregory 


IAS Suite 6

24th April - Cities and Urban Change Summit


Biehl8th-9th May - Data analysis, machine learning, and modelling in the bio-medical domain

Workshop leaders: Professor Michael Biehl and Professor Wiebke Arlt


powders13th May - Powders for Structural and Functional Applications

Workshop leader: Dr Moataz Attallah 


IAS Suite 728th May - What is 'compassion' in nursing, and can it be measured?

Workshop leader: Dr Antje Lindenmeyer


infected28th May - Hypoxia and Hypoxia-Inducible Factors in Disease

Workshop leaders: Dr Daniel A Tennant and Professor Jane McKeating


IAS Suite 1-230th May - 'The Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention, with Comments on Syria'

Workshop leader: Professor Jeff McMahan


IAS Suite 2-230th May - 'Ethics, War, and Intervention'

Workshop leader: Professor Jeff McMahan


IAS Suite 3-230th May - Challenges to Emerging and Established Powers: Brazil and the United Kingdom in the Contemporary Global Order

Workshop leaders: Marco Vieira and Jonathan Grix


new migrants2nd-3rd June - New Migrants, Entrepreneurs and Cities: An International Comparison

Workshop leader: Professor Paul Edwards


IAS Suite 4-24th June - New Labour in New York: Precarious Workers and Their Organizing Efforts

Workshop leader: Professor Ruth Milkman


crime-prevention4th June - An Evidence-Based Approach to Crime Prevention and Reduction

Workshop leaders: Dr Jessica Woodhams and Dr Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay


bacterial chromosomes16th-18th June - The Biology and Physics of Bacterial Genomes

Workshop leader: Dr David Grainger


Lisa Jardine18th June - Challenges for Early Modern Women's History

Workshop leaders: Dr Nadine Akkerman and Professor Lisa Jardine


IAS Suite 521st June - Building Trust through Face-to-Face Diplomacy

Workshop leader: Professor Nicholas J Wheeler


Poppy24th June - Dogs, Owners & Responsibility: Law in the Doghouse

Workshop leader: Professor Marie Fox


IAS Suite 6-29th-10th July - Inclusive Entrepreneurship: innovations in research and practice

Workshop leaders: Professor Monder Ram, Professor Kiran Trehan, and Professor Paul Edwards 


IAS Suite 7-218th-19th August - Figurative language: its patterns and meanings in domain-specific discourse

Workshop leaders: Professor John Barnden and Dr Andrew Gargett



10th September - 'Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis'





11th September - Work, Wealth and Well-being: Optimising health, well-being and performance in diverse and ageing workforces

Workshop leaders: Fiona Carmichael, Jo Duberley, Beth Grunfeld, Anna Phillips, and Steven Sadhra



11th September - The Global Concussion Crisis

Workshop leader: Dr Michael Grey


iStock_000036830874Large19th September - Big Data

Workshop leaders: Dr Emmanouil Tranos, Dr Daniel Arribas-Bel, and Dr Agnieszka Leszczynski


IAS Suite 1-3

22nd September - Manufacturing and the Skills Crisis in the West Midlands and Chicago: Defining the Problem and Exploring Solutions

Workshop leaders: Professor John R. Bryson and Dr Rachel Mulhall


Eyes-on-Central-Asia24th September - Eyes on Central Asia

Workshop leader: Dr Arezou Azad


study of reglion3rd October - The University, the Study of Religion and the Public Square

Workshop leaders: Dr David Cheetham and Dr Andrew Davies


IAS Suite 29th October - Intelligent computation meets bio-medical research: recent developments in computational biology

Workshop leaders: Professor Michael Biehl, Professor Wiebke Arlt, and Dr Peter Tino 


Computational-social9th October - Computational Models of Social Interaction

Workshop leader: Dr Ansgar Koene


Drought-image14th October - Predicting the Effect of Drought on River Ecology

Workshop leaders: Professor Russell Death and Dr Mark Ledger 


Russia15th October - Russia's Place in the World in the last 100 years: Culture, Society and Environment

Workshop leaders: Dr Rose Whyman, Dr Jeremy Morris, Dr Richard Connolly, and Dr Natalya Rulyova 


Body22nd October - A Body of Crime: Conceptualising the Dead

Workshop leader: Dr Imogen Jones


iStock_000037300376Large24th October - A Future for West Midlands Devolution?

Workshop leader: Gisela Stuart MP


Exploring-dimensions-of-change_29Oct29th October - Exploring the dimensions of change in the professions and the implications for education and training: an inter-disciplinary approach

Workshop leaders: Professor Hilary Sommerlad and Professor Mark Exworthy


Knowledge-networks-and-conflicts7th November - Knowledge, networks and conflict: How do we know what we know in fragile and conflict-affected states?

Workshop leader: Dr Jonathan Fisher


Dancing-Maps_Twist_Nov1420th November - Dancing Maps

Workshop leader: Dr Pat Noxolo


AOPs25th November - Joint IAS / NERC Workshop: How to discover Adverse Outcome Pathways from molecular & gene response networks in systems biology to best govern the use of chemicals & nanoparticles

Workshop leaders: Professor Mark Viant and Professor John Colbourne


26th November - Varieties of religious superdiversity




SR-SNOW3rd December - Lunchtime Seminar: Monitoring temporal and spatial change in Antarctic terrestrial communities

Workshop leader: Professor Sharon Robinson 


15th December - Music and Alabaster

Workshop leader: Professor Andrew Kirkman