Workshop Archives 2015

iStock000003781332XSmall-health-and-happiness5th February - Employment and well-being: How much work should we do in the 'good life'?

Workshop leader: Dr Brendan Burchell


QVO_image24th February - Quo Vadis Olympism: a multidisciplinary exploration

Workshop leader: Dr Jonathan Grix



5th March - Memory and History: Understanding contemporary Olympism in an individual and social context

Workshop leader: Professor Katia Rubio 


11March_BigData11th March - Big Data Lunchtime Seminar

Worlshop leader: Dr Pierre-Louis Vezina

Charities_image11th March - Charities and their Publics

Workshop leaders: Professor Saul Becker and Sukhvinder Kaur-Stubbs


Home,-Harmony-and-Hope-Birmingham-&-Chicago16th April - Home, Harmony and Hope Birmingham & Chicago

Workshop leader: Dr Keith Magee



IAS Suite 127th April - The Contribution of Leaderful Practice To Leadership-as-Practice

Workshop leader: Professor Joe Raelin



DvD-image-229th April - Looking Forward to Clean Sport: The Future of Education- and Detection-Based Deterrents to Doping

Workshop leader: Dr Ian Boardley

IAS Suite 2

7th May - Mind, Brain and Models - Nottingham meets Birmingham

Workshop leaders: Professor Steven Coombes, Professor Paul McGraw, Professor Chris Miall, and Professor Uta Noppeney


13-May13th May - Big Data Lunchtime Seminar

Workshop leaders: Dr Susan E. Lee and Joanne M. Leach 



20th May - Critical Entrepreneurship Studies

Workshop leader: Dr Caroline Essers 


kg28th June - Some thoughts on cognitive functions and correspondences of Egyptian myth (eme) s

Workshop leader: Professor Katja Goebs


Ellsworth-seminar9th June - Mature trees and climate change – why are they overlooked and why are they important?

Workshop leader: Professor Ellsworth



mike_apple_0-pic10th June - Educational Realities and The Tasks of the Critical Scholar/Activist in Education

Workshop leader: Professor Michael W. Apple


iStock_000038300362Large11th June - International Workshop on Intersectionality and Migrant Entrepreneurship

Workshop leaders: Professor Monder Ram, Professor Kiran Trehan, and Dr Maria Villares-Varela



biosocial-methods-image25th-26th June - New Directions in Human Capital Theory

Workshop leaders: Prof Stan Siebert, Prof Fiona Carmichael, and Prof Mary O'Mahony 



iStock_000019191470Large25th June - Planned Cities, Engineered Cities

Workshop leaders: Professors John R. Bryson,  Miles Tight, and Dr Phil Jones.


iStock_000042977022Large-cloud27th June - Memory-Myth-Performance

Workshop leaders: Dr Martin Bommas and Professor Katja Goebs



U21 logo JPEG29th June - Collaboration with Hong Kong University via U21

Workshop leader: Professor Becky Loo


making-Resources-Speak129th June - Making Resources Speak: themes and methods of the New Materialism

Workshop leaders: Professor Corey Ross and Dr Frank Uekötter


Geoff Eley1st July - Professor Geoff Eley: "What Produces Democracy? Revolutionary Crises, Popular Politics, and Democratic Gains in Twentieth-Century Europe"

Workshop leader: Professor Geoff Eley 


IAS Suite 39th July - Screening Vulnerability

Workshop leader: Dr Michele Aaron


IAS Suite 49th July - Authorial Attribution: Traditional and Non-Traditional Approaches in the Digital Age

Workshop leaders: Dr Gillian Wright and Dr Mel Evans



21st July - Giving Women Their Place in Holocaust History

Workshop leader: Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel


IAS Suite 528th August - Employing Vulnerability Theory: Challenges and Opportunities

Workshop leader: Professor Marie Fox


beggars-europe10th September - Begging on the streets in Northern Europe

Workshop leader: Dr Sheba Saeed



14th September - Vulnerability and Resilience: An Emerging Paradigm

Workshop leader: Professor Martha Fineman


35711166thumbnail16th September - In Collaboration: Arts and Science

Workshop leaders: Professor Bill Chaplin, Professor Geoffrey Crossick, and Professor Barry Smith


iStock_000004841572_Large-Amber18th September - Loss, Recovery, Reclamation: Re-thinking the Modern World

Workshop leader: Dr Kate Smith


MIGRALAC 2nd November - Latin American and Caribbean experiences of migration, work and employment

Workshop leader: Dr Maria Villares


IAS Suite 79th December - Big Data Lunchtime Seminar: 'R or Python? What's your favourite data analysis tool?'

Workshop leaders: Dr Grace Garner and Christoph Stich


Humboldt ForumMG10th December - The Stranger's Guide to the Paradoxical Museum

Workshop leader: Professor Grossmann 


brain health14th December - Human Brain Health

Workshop leader: Dr Andrew Bagshaw