Dr Julian Lonbay visits East Africa

In late January - early February Julian Lonbay visited several Law Schools in Kenya and Uganda and gave a series of lectures on a variety of aspects of European Law.

Whilst visiting local academic lawyers in Nairobi he met up with two alumna of Birmingham Law School. He met Dr Ambreena Manji (PhD 2000 “Aids, Women and Land Law In East Africa”) who is currently the Director of the British Institute in East Africa (BIEA). The BIEA has regular research posts open called graduate attachés and is involved with local law academics in promoting their research and scholarship. Ambreena shares an interest in “legal education” with Julian and they had fruitful discussions on developments in Kenya but also more widely in the East African Community(EAC) which is in the process of researching possible free movement of lawyers between the five Members States of the EAC and the mutual recognition of their professional qualifications. This is a matter that chimes with Dr Lonbay’s research work on similar developments in Europe.

On giving a series of law lectures at Kenyatta University he also discovered that the dean of the Law School, Dr Linda Musumba, was an alumna of Birmingham Law School (PhD 2007 on “Law in Kenya as a regulator of the state: An evaluation of its efficacy, through an examination of the constitutional review process”), so once again much discussion ensued about Birmingham matters and once more further news was gleaned about EAC developments and issues of legal education in Kenya. In particular Dr Musumba put Julian on track to find the African Centre for Legal Excellence in Kampala, Uganda which is carrying out the (yet to be published) research for the EAC.