Dr Luca Rubini appointed expert in UNCTAD Forum for the Green Economy and Trade

Thanks to his research on subsidy law and policy, and its impact on governmental action to fight climate change, in September 2012 Luca Rubini has been invited to participate in a Forum for the Green Economy and Trade, a new initiative of the International Division on Trade in Goods and Services of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

In the words of Guillermo Vargas, Director of the International Division on Trade in Goods and Services, the intention of the Forum, which is going to meet twice a year, is to have “an institutional space. . . not to legislate, but to reduce frictions and perhaps to reduce trade disputes.” Mr. Lucas Assuncao, head of UNCTAD’s Trade, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Branch, added the hope that the Forum “can ascertain the economic and environmental effectiveness of these measures;” discover to what extent they encourage local value addition and competitiveness; investigate links to other green policies and measures; investigate the impacts of these rules and regulations on trade; and discuss various approaches to reconciling the measures with trade rules.

The format of the Forum is that a panel of experts will discuss relevant issues with delegates and trade officials and attempt to moderate and suggest solutions. The expert hearing may be followed by a “diplomacy dialogue” to give national delegations a change to engage with the experts.

“With the involvement of academics, policy economists, and trade officials, it is hoped that solutions may emerge that save such issues from going before more formal dispute-resolution mechanisms, such as those at the World Trade Organization”, Mr. Assuncao said.

For the official press-release announcing the Forum see: http://unctad.org/en/pages/newsdetails.aspx?OriginalVersionID=302