IEL Director gives papers at Czech conference

IEL Director Professor Martin Trybus delivered two papers - on the new EU procurement Directives and on public procurement and SMEs - at the 10th e-Biz forum (conference) in Ostrava in the Czech Republic. 

Photo of the audience for Professor Trybus' paper at the eProcurement conference in the Czech Republic

Over 300 delegates, mainly form the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Poland, but also from Germany, Portugal, Italy, India and the UK attended this stimulating three-day event.

In his first presentation delivered at the 'European e-procurement' meeting at the end of day one of the conference, he looked at the impact of the new 2014 EU Directives on e-procurement. Apart form the general changes of the Directives ranging from Life Cycle Costing, a new Innovative Partnership Procedure or the European Single Procurement Document, the new Directives require contracting authorities across the EU to step up e-procurement over the next few years.

Professor Martin Trybus presenting at the Czech conference on eProcurement

In his second presentation, Professor Trubus looked at the innovations of the new 2014 public procurement Directive relevant for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. While Directive 2004/18/EC provided very little to increase SME participation in procurement, the new Public Sector Directive 2014/24/EU allegedly contains four main ‘innovations’ directed at the promotion of SMEs: the division of contracts into lots, the European Single Procurement Document, the limitations of requirements for participation, and direct payments to subcontractors.These new “appropriate provisions” are contained in Articles 44, 58, 56, and 71 of Directive 2014/24/EU respectively.

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