Trybus at Birmingham Law Society Brexit event

IEL Director Professor Martin Trybus delivered one of four presentations at an event organised by the Birmingham Law Society on the question "Do we need to be in the European Union to Survive and Prosper?".

Professor Martin Trybus speaking about the possibility of Brexit

Other speakers were the Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre, the Lead Director for JLL's Midlands Region Ian Cornock, and the UKIP MEP James Carver. Adrian Keeling QC of No5 Chambers acted as chairman of this well attended event at Birmingham International Airport's Diamond House.

Professor Trybus' dealt with the impact of Brexit on the UK, British citizens, and English law. He also discussed alternatives to EU membership, most importantly membership in the European Economic Area. Many of these topics will be covered in great depth in a special issue of the journal European Public Law (March 2016) co-edited by Graham Gee, Luca Rubini and Martin Trybus.