e-Pathway: Overview

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Overview of the clinical research process

Introduction to the e-Pathway

The clinical research e-Pathway provides a roadmap to guide researchers during the lifetime of their research projects. Click on the links to take yourself to the stage that is of interest. You can also use the roadmap image on each page for navigation.  

From Idea to Proposal

Applying for Funding

Project Setup

Green Light - Ready to Go?

Project Management

Project End

In line with the definitions given in the Clinical Research Definition Policy (UoB-CRG-POL-002) (Word - 88 KB), throughout this e-pathway the term 'project' will be used refer to all trials and studies, clinical or otherwise.

Please also refer to the Glossary of Terms for a complete list of the abbreviations and definitions used.

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Scope of the e-Pathway

The clinical research e-Pathway provides a guide to independent researchers undertaking clinical studies and trials sponsored/hosted by the University of Birmingham (UoB). The e-Pathway will signpost you to the key documents and tools from the UoB quality management system (QMS), which all clinical research must adhere to. 

If your project will be managed by a UoB clinical trials unit (CTU), please follow their internal processes. The CTUs each have their own QMS covering the same key processes and includes further instructions relating to local management and oversight. 

Further development of the e-Pathway is underway to integrate procedures/requirements for projects sponsored/hosted by other Birmingham Health Partners.   

UoB Research Goverance Structure 

As sponsor for clinical research, the University is responsible for quality assurance through appropriate oversight as well as for supporting research. The structure for doing this is outlined in the UoB Clinical Research Quality Manual (UoB-CQM-POL-001)  (Word - 558 KB). You can also visit the Clinical Research Oversight Committees for further information about the roles and work of the Clinical Trials Oversight Committee (CTOC) and the Human Tissue Oversight Committee (HTOC). 

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