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Adverse Events & Deviations

Clinical evaluation of SAEs

The researcher should ensure that site staff are appropriately trained to record and assess adverse events. The recording and reporting requirements of adverse events will need to be decided and documented within the protocol on an individual project basis. 

Documented evidence of the recording and reporting process should be retained, and projects may wish to develop a project-specific serious adverse event (SAE) form: 

Unexpected & related SAEs/SUSARs processing

It is important that adverse events are reported appropriately and in line with regulatory requirements. Depending on the type of project, the procedures for safety reporting and the regulatory timeframe for reporting will differ and the protocol will include appropriate information. In addition, please refer to the UoB Adverse Event Reporting SOP (UoB-AES-SOP-001) (Word - 212 KB).

The safety reporting page of the HRA website has further details on safety reporting for clinical research.

Serious breach reporting

In the case of any unexpected serious events that might impact participant safety or data integrity (for example any breaches of protocol), please contact the Research Governance Team via researchgovernance@contacts.bham.ac.uk as soon as possible. The Team will need the details of the event that occurred and the corrective / preventative actions that have been taken or will be put into place. The Team will assist with reporting needs.  

Please see the UoB Deviations & Serious Breach Reporting SOP (UoB-DSB-SOP-001) (Word - 74 KB) for more information.

For UoB CTU-managed trials, please refer to internal CTU procedures. 


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