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This page is current under development and will be updated shortly. This section will provide guidance & a checklist on what you need to have in place before you open to recruitment. 

In the meantime, the reader is advised to see the UoB Project Set-up SOP (UoB-SET-SOP-001) (Word - 347 KB) for information on setting up and obtaining the necessary approvals prior to recruitment. Also, the reader should see the UoB Investigator Site Management SOP (UoB-SMA-SOP-001) (Word - 318 KB) for details on setting up and initiation investigator sites. 


Accessible version in the last accordion titled 'e-Pathway index'.  

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The clinical research e-Pathway provides a roadmap to the various stages and sub-stages that a researcher may follow during the lifetime of their research project. Click on a link to take yourself to the stage that is of interest, or you can use the roadmap image on each page to navigate through the process.  

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