Members of the MMG

Head of Group:

 Academic Staff:

 Emeritus Professor:

Honorary Research Fellow:

David Kennedy 

Dr John Speight

Research Fellows:

Dr Oliver Brooks 

Alex Campbell

Dr Malik Degri

Dr Vicky Mann

Dr Lydia Pickering

PhD Students:

Muhammad Awais

Fabian Burkhardt

Fernando Coelho

Masters Students:

Bennett Colgan

The Birmingham Energy Institute

The Birmingham Energy Institute (BEI) is at the forefront of the technological innovation and original thinking required to solve the challenges facing the UK as it seeks to develop sustainable energy solutions. It is focused on creating technology and guiding policy which will shape the energy solutions of tomorrow and has nationally-recognised centres of excellence across a range of energy research.

The Birmingham Centre for Strategic Elements and Critical Materials

Professor Alan Walton is the Co-founder and Director of the Birmingham Centre for Strategic Elements and Critical Materials (BCSECM). The BCSECM aims to address the supply shortages for strategic elements and critical materials by recycling, re-use, efficient use and substitution of these materials. The centre draws together expertise from a wide variety of disciplines including law, economics, materials science, chemistry, physics, biosciences, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering.  In 2019 the BCSECM will be commissioning a policy commission focused on securing critical materials for the UK.

The National Centre for Nuclear Robotics 

The MMG work closely with the National Centre of Nuclear Robotics (NCNR) at the University of Birmingham as well as a number of external robotics groups. This link has allowed the MMG to automate disassembly processes for electronic goods which has improved the efficiency of recycling processes for magnets and batteries.

School of Chemical Engineering 

Investigators from the University of Birmingham’s School of Chemical Engineering are working on the physical and biological separation of materials. The MMG have an on-going collaboration on the circular economy of electrical machines.

Materials Chemistry Group

The MMG work closely with Professor Peter Slater and Dr Paul Anderson in the Materials Chemistry group on the characterisation of rare earth materials.