ERL STEM outreach

Extreme Robotics Lab STEM outreach

Our lab’s mission is to advance the field of robotics through education and research. We are committed to finding novel robotic solutions to real-world problems. As part of this mission, we regularly organise outreach STEAM Robotics Masterclasses to share our knowledge and passion for robotics with the next generations.

The Extreme Robotics Lab excels in working with industry to develop novel robotic solutions to real-world problems, helping humans live safer and healthier lives. Our masterclasses are short, fun, interactive sessions that are themed around our various research areas to provide students with an insight into our work and research that we. We aim to inspire education and career choice for STEM subjects that support robotics.

The field of robotics is truly multidisciplinary and encompasses a huge number of subjects. Masterclasses are run by expert roboticists from the Extreme Robotics Lab but we often have guest speakers from multiple disciplines from across the university. We demonstrate the practical applications and limitations of robotics and the key STEM concepts that form the foundations of Robotics.

We have built a strong relationship with the Royal Institute London, where we run a yearly week-long masterclass. We also have a long history of delivering masterclasses across the nation and have helped to fund a huge amount of robotics outreach at the RI through our NCNR project.

We offer various masterclass lengths including 1-hour masterclasses, half-day, full-day, and multi-session STEM masterclass series. We also attend multiple events around the country with interactive robotics activities and stands. We continue to work with the wider university community, local and national communities to inspire the next generation of roboticists.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our outreach programs or the research that we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

STEM outreach activities at the ERL NSRC

STEM masterclass series at the ERL with the RI London